Gazal Mishra

Fashion Designer

The Gazal Mishra Couture brought up in the hub of tradition, heritage and culture in 2012 by me “a Rajasthan based designer GAZAL MISHRA”.

After completing my formal education, I started working for a private bank but my zeal towards fashion stayed alive. My skills for fashion kept me inspired all along the time. I initiated my first label in 2012 in pink city “Jaipur” and showed my love for Rajasthani designs, fine embroidery, vivid colors and various fusions in clothing. I assemblage the ethnic clothing which includes traditional silhouettes in some fantastic new shapes. I comprise iconic stuffs like Bandhej, kota doria, chanderi, laheria, art of block prints and many more with ideal blend of vibrant colors. The Rajasthani fabrics with the lightest and the brightest colors are the blends which I have to set you apart. I am going to launch my first design pad “ESSENCE OF RAJASTHAN” in Pune Fashion Weekend coming in this June 19th at Hotel JW Marriott, Pune.

The revolutionary fusion of traditional crafts and contemporary haute, mix of vibrant colors and taste of Rajasthani fabric generates an alluring; one-of-a kind handwork is the signature of my house of Fashion. Bringing forth the royal procession of Rajasthan and emphasis of its royalty, the end result of mixing such diverse dressing styles was FUSION & I love this!

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